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What students are saying 

Stefan Vandel

“Participating in GoBuddy EW is something special. Everyone is totally focused and wants to do their absolute best! That creates a special kind of atmosphere, which lasts for a long time afterward. It’s been a real motivational boost for me.”

Letícia Márai

“I participated in the GoBuddy entrepreneurial weekend and it is remarkable how much that event added to my life. Whenever i go to a job interview and the employer asks me “what was your biggest achievement during your academic studies” I always talk about the entrepreneurial weekend, and the skills and competences I have gained from it”

Louise Risom Pedersen

“I was skeptical at first, time was limited, busy with school, exams were coming up etc. I gave it a try, and now six months later, I have started my second company and my network have never been as big as it is now!”