Love entrepreneurship like we do!

“The need for more entrepreneurial activities was a growing demand, we are now entirely focusing on initiatives encouraging entrepreneurial students while studying, with a possible outcome of being self- employed.”

– Amanda Nielsen, Founder, GoBuddy I/S

Who are we?

GoBuddy I/S is a social economic company within entrepreneurship towards students in Kolding. Focusing primarily on student development and enhancement of competencies and knowledge within entrepreneurship, GoBuddy has developed services with the sole purpose to inspire and motivate students, to make the jump and explore the possibilities of life as an entrepreneur. The company was founded by Amanda Nielsen, a former IBA student, who saw a need among students to be involved in activities, including students from other universities with common interests.


Through a motivated team, exciting and quality -oriented events and valuable services, we will create an attractive company for both students and sponsors.


GoBuddy should be the preferred starting point for students who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.


 We value loyalty, cooperation and responsibility. We celebrate success and motivation is a cornerstone of our organization. We seek knowledge and use resources wisely as we dare to lead the way in our field. 

Evelina Banikonyte

Zoltán Molnár

Ildikó Kicsi
Organiser, Graphic Design & Photographer

Patrick Kummer Thingberg
Video & Photographer

Gigi Danica
Organiser & Graphic Design

Amanda Nielsen
Event Coordinator & Founder


 Internship at GoBuddy is not only an opportunity to develop your competencies, but also to become part of a valuable team. Ideas are created from all sides and an internship is based upon team effort where you will be responsible within a specific area and together with the team be responsible for the company’s future development. 
We are always looking for new members to our team, but we require you are self – disciplined and dare to venture out in a world where networking, entrepreneurship and project management is a high priority.
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