Why become a sponsor for GoBuddy?

As a sponsor, you are part of an effort to increase growth
within entrepreneurship of the many students in Kolding, that’s why.

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What can you do for us

As a sponsor you can offer us a financially contribution to our events,
but you can also offer your professional help by being a part of the events or contribute with materials.
We are pleased to have sponsors who find interest in our work and not least give us a helping hand.
GoBuddy have no financial gain, everything will go to events aimed for students within entrepreneurship.

What we offer you

As a thank you to our sponsors, we will give back the best we can . We show all our sponsors on our website and provides the opportunity to come to our events to see what they have helped to support. Before the event ‘s start , we send the program and subsequent pictures and links to videos so you can follow us process.