The start up toolbox

Perhaps your are to start your very first company, maybe your second, third – in any case, when starting a new company, there are many things to consider and it can be confusing BUT that is why we have gathered the most necessary points to focus on in the starting process. It is important for an entrepreneur to clarify all the details about the type of business you are starting.
It is always better to be knowledgeable and well-prepared for your new company.


A business idea is a starting point for everyone who is or wants to become an entrepreneur.

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Business Plan

A solid business plan will help you establishing the right steps to starting your business.

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Corporate Identity

Define the purpose and focus of your business, so your customers recognise you. 

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Settle on which form of ownership suits you best: sole proprietorship, general partnership, private limited company etc.

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When starting a business you have to pay taxes on your business depending on your expected financial results.

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There are different types of obtaining funding for your company, crowdfunding, loans or presales.

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When hiring or making partners in your company, a prepared contract can save you many of concerns.

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As a startup it is important to have a good and solid network. Start by evaluating your current network of friends.

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You have written a business plan, but need to analyse your key features, customers, markets and competitors much more.

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Success is an iceberg, people see only the surface of success, but underneath lies persistence, failure, sacrifice, good habits, hard work and dedication.